Monday, 23 September 2013

My baking spree/Overindulgence!

Greatly influenced and inspired by the food and cookery show sprouting on TV, I have always wanted to try my hands on baking...wishing to have an oven, wear the oven gloves and take out the delicious smelling food at the sound of the "ting" that tells you food is ready...

I finally bought myself a Morphy Richards 40 cc OTG and went on a baking and cooking spree. These pictures show my extrme behaviour or call it overindulgence!!!

This is prepared by following the steps given with a cake mix that I got from the market (I forgot the brand name).
This one is grilled mutton (after being marinated with yoghurt, chilli powder, turmeric, ans salt).
This roast chicken is inspired by Gordon Ramsay. He used Cannellini beans and sausages for the stuffing...I used lobia and giblets instead.
For this cake, I followed the recipe that I found at this amazing blog
I got the recipe from this site
For these muffins, I got the recipe from site

I am a happy woman now...for now...before the next frenzy of craziness strikes me. :D
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