Monday, 29 July 2013

The Weaker Species!

(Disclaimer: The words below are just random thoughts from a paranoid mind...not intended to hurt the sentiments of anyone, dead or otherwise, other than the writer herself)

I am neither a theorist, nor an extremist, nor a feminist but a human being born as a woman. And there's no denying the fact that woman is the weaker species, weak in their brain, weak in their heart, weak in their strength. Most of them dominated by men almost everywhere. Few are those who can dominate men...(kudos to them)! If you ask me if I want to dominate men, I would say no! Saying no to this doesn't mean I want to be dominated, by men or by anyone (I have a clause "conditions apply" for domination)...I am talking about striking a balance, harmony between one human being and another.

The tendency to lean on, the need to be supported and be protected are ingrained in women's psyche since time immemorial. These deep-seated signs of weakness would be really hard to uproot. On top of these, sprinkle some tradition, culture, and values (pertaining to woman only) much burden a woman has to bear on her tiny shoulders (a size-zero-woman's shoulder would definitely crumble under these immense weight)!

And the men's psyche has been conditioned to provide a shoulder for the women to lean on, to support and protect them (For God' sake, anomalies are bound to happen...there's are billions and billions of people on this earth! And Of course, I am no expert in this).

Is this the way God/Nature intended? (I wonder how it all started...I couldn't help but imagine a world where the role has been reversed!)

If this was the way God intended, then He should have made the weaker species mute...letting them suffer in their voiceless misery. But no, God gave them voice! Is it too much to ask for a little bit of freedom, equality, justice, and respect for the weaker species? Although their brains, heart, and strength might be weak, they have the willpower to endure anything and continue their existence on this earth...

Even though men may be stronger species, they cannot exist without the weaker species!

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Travelling in Delhi Metro (Ladies Compartment Only!)

For someone who doesn't know how to drive (nicest way of putting I don't have a car :p ), hates haggling with the auto drivers, and someone who got tired of bus travel, Delhi metro has been a saviour. It's something that allows you to commute without interacting with a single soul. It comes and opens its doors, lets you in, and zooms you away to your destination. Once you enter the metro (the ladies compartment, LC), it's a different world altogether! There's the *Fashionista (without any guessing they are the NE girls ;) ) *Wannabes *Not so fashionables *Women with dhinchak saree *Stinky ones *Bitchy one (I just know they are bitching about me even though I have my ear plugs on...woman's instinct!) *Smartphones (no need to go to any store to check out the latest phones...every brand, every design can be found in the LC). It's like some commercial is going on! Is it without any drama in the LC? can see all kinds of drama there... It's a big theatre...most of the lady commuters are in a hurry, especially the aunties! God forbid the younger sophisticated wannabe ladies should be found jostling... Some of the ladies would be jostling to find space to place their bum on tightly packed seats. (I had rather stand in a corner than compete with the bums, big bums, small bums, tiny bums, fat bums, and burn some calorie in the process!) And for the guys, the ladies compartment is a fascination for them. There are some who risk their life plus being fined just to whiz through the ladies compartment! There are some who stand just next to the LC. I am sure placing just their toe in the LC must make them high! Their heads would "obviously" be turned towards the LC...God and only they would know what goes on in their head... This is one of those times where I wish I had power like Sridevi in Nagin...One stare is all I need!
Travelling in Delhi Metro is no doubt a very entertaining ride for me!


It's been nearly 10 years since I left home. Many of my friends left before me. And many went back home before me...the reasons for their going back, I do not know and I never asked. Something made me go into an introspective mood today (otherwise I am a couch potato). I started thinking "why do people leave their home town?" Leave alone others, why did I? Was it or is it for a better education, better lifestyle, better everything? Has it become better or worse? In search of this better, have I become obscure? Did I achieve what I wanted to...I didn't and still don't know what is it that I want to achieve! Do I wish to go back? Deep in my heart, the answer is yes...but not yet! I feel almost everyone would wish to go back some day. Who wouldn't want to live in the safe haven of their palem and panthou! And when I do wish to go back, other than my family, what do I go back to? How's the situation there? If the situation is so bad, am I doing anything to change it? Do I have the initiative, the ability, the capability, and the courage to make that change? I guess not! Having said these empty words, my reflection dies and I go back to my mundane life...the mundane me!
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