Thursday, 31 July 2014

Dichotomy of I, the introvert and the blogger!

Hello! Anyone out there?
Sometimes blogging feels creepy...when you don't get any answer, it feels as if you are talking to a vast space of emptiness. Maybe it's better that way, the Introvert in me thinks. With so much noise around nowadays, the silence sometimes brings a welcome solitude.
On the other hand, the Blogger in me craves for some life out there, some indication that someone is reading what you have written.

Recently with busy time in the office, it's difficult to dedicate some time to new post. After office, I get too lazy to do anything once I reach home but plop yourself in front of the TV and just do nothing.
I was about to start a series of posts on Manipuri cuisine. I had already taken the pictures but haven't transferred them to the system yet...need to do soon and start writing.

Let's see when I can make time (I sound as if people would die if I further delay my posts :-) )

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