Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Dream or no dream...

Do you believe in dreams? Not the one you dream when you are awake. I am talking about dreams you see while you are sleeping. Do they carry any significance or is it God’s way of warning you of the approaching events? Or is it just the rerun of past events that happened in your life? If you dream of only good stuffs, then you wish it is God’s blessing. If the dream gives you sleepless nights, you hope it doesn’t overrun into your daytime.

Whenever I see a vivid dream, I check out its meaning at the site

Till now, I can relate to all the interpretations (of my dreams). I have noticed that I dream frequently of those things that I don’t let go or I can’t let go. It seems I am haunting myself. There must be a way to flush out all these useless stuffs/thoughts/dreams from my system. The only thing is I have no idea how to!

There are people who study dreams to make sense of them and achieve a better understanding of them. I can say I am also one of them (with the help of the above-mentioned site). As I go through the process of studying my dreams, I realize I get to know of its true meaning or what it implies only when the crucial time is over. Just as it happens in movies…the FBI or the police officers arrive only when the climax is over. I am not doing it to master at the subject but to get a better perspective of what is happening in my life.

Some people don’t dream at all. I don’t know how they feel. They must sleep like a log. I don’t envy them. If I were to choose between a dreamless sleep and a sleep full of dreams, I would always choose the later anytime…I love dreaming!

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  1. Everybody dreams except for a very small number of people who suffer from brain damage.

    The vast majority of people who say they don't dream really just don't remember their dreams.

    You say that you are haunting yourself with dreams of things that you don't or can't let go.

    You might find this article on recurring dreams at to be helpful